Cyclopean Imagery


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Andrew Condon
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Andrew Condon This album puts me in a place of inner peace and exploration. Does an Astral Realm exist, i don't know, but these songs definitely make me feel like an adventurer of all space and time.
Tom Deadson
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Tom Deadson Every song on this album is an absolute gem. GET ON IT! Favorite track: Lucidity IV - Cyclopean Imagery.
Chris Allsopp
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Chris Allsopp Great progressive album. It's a constantly-evolving piece that always has new themes and ideas to present to you. They're also a great bunch of guys and deserve the support. Favorite track: Rapid Eye Movement.
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released August 21, 2011

Self-recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Anthony Simone and Chris Gardino 3/2011-4/2011. Album Art by Anthony Simone. Songwriting by Anthony Simone, Chris Gardino and Jake Burns. Lyrics by Jake Burns and Pete Rodericks.



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PATHOGENIC Massachusetts

MA metal. 2008 - Present.

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Track Name: Lucidity I
Whats in these walls is running through my veins.
Chemicals of lucidity, there's a part of me in everything.
I close my eyes and imagine a world,
A world unplagued with no humanity.

All air escapes, my world turns to stone.
(It wills me to) destroy all flames that ignite reality.

The cold and empty spaces whisked by wind,
Nature's spores settle in the absence of man.

The relationship dissolves and reforms,
I'm but a shade of gray in the spectrum:
Intangible, still born.

Equations of life printed on closed eye visuals;
Lost in anomie, social constraints strangle and scorn.
Track Name: Lucidity II - The Aether
Cold distinctions derailed in the distance.
You constrict and corrupt this fragile balance.
Speak swift, speak stagnant.
Silence our connections in detached glances.

Your breath brought me life.
I keep the ground at my feet against a sky's binding.

A promised Icarus, you bore me gifts belied -
Broken wings batter down what hope's left inside.
We won't fly away from this.

Paint these lucid dreams: a portrait enveloped by disparity...
Speak strong, whisper still.

Keep your faith in the descent.
No more wishing for the stars.
No more wishing we're not what we are.

Stay steadfast, you are my anchor,
Drowning slowly in this pool of madness.
Your eyes nail me to myself like a fallen savior.
Fleeting glimpses of comfort sinking…

Invalid dichotomies hammer in the final nails.
Restrained, draining cerebral progression,
I'm left here to drown in my own blood and
Risen by the light of all, firm and steadfast.

I can't believe this is real, and alas it's not, the past is always different in dreams.
Track Name: Rapid Eye Movement
Ocular convulsions shifting frequencies.
Transfixed by a blackening, true consciousness
Will open to the subsonic drone...

I am bound, subject to rules known only to gods.
Knowledge bestowed, passed down through scribes.
A script of filth tainted our minds.

The poison of faith and infertile dreams.
Hope sows but dead seeds,
Inspiration that is left dead in the womb like a stillborn.

Gravity betrays me, free falling.

Feels familiar but rearranged,
Overgrown by these strangling vines.
I'm gasping for my breath.

A sinking sky hangs overhead.
Atrophy of blind faith and pain,
Leading to decay of morality.

I feel my skin starting to rot.
Exposing what was hidden.
A soulless being hanging in my ribcage.

The pressure rises until it's formless.
Now left to collect my strength from these broken fragments.
Now bind them with the complete self, a static existence.

A tortured captive sends murky blood through worn out veins.
How much longer can this go on?
Is it fair to say that this is it?

Now bringing light to the void,
Neurons firing just as stars inspire under a dark midnight sky.
Hemorrhaging my whole universe through open eyes,
Freeing all that I've gathered into a nothing, so absolute and deafening.
Track Name: Premonitions - Event
The edifice leveled. Face to face with non-truth. Burning remnants adorn the field.
Shrapnel inbound.

Death marches forward. No respite as strength collapses.

A flood ensuing. Bloated bodies floating.
Find remorse in the whites of their eyes;
Long stares thrown deep. No safety words.

A strained world needs no souls to keep.
Hell will digest earth in slow sour putrefaction,
Reigning in epochs of unholy suffering.
Track Name: Lucidity III - Searching Dimensions
Forward through space and time;
It's all set into motion by these daunting lucid tidal waves.
I unfold the nature of wakefulness through my sleep.
Crawling along synaptic curves,
I'm racing toward my own reflection.

A human mind, holding a fraction of all consciousness.

Part of existence placed inside a vessel,
And forces decide whether it sinks of floats.
Pushed by heavy hands of the wind and sea,
Perceived as the arrow of time.
In shallow waters wading, in the waves the ocean cries.

The horizon makes song of my demise.

A shadow prototype of authority prowling,
Shifting shapes before my eyes.
Worthless, with no redemption from the earth that bore me.
No redemption for the lies that follow.
So I send myself into the wind,
Searching for tomorrow but nailed to my dark past.
Track Name: Serpents
Listen:the cacophonies of alarms:
The sickening symphony of becoming real,
Awaken the serpents from their dens
To adorn themselves in the scales of war.
Forked tongues turn the time, a slave to the sun's reign.
Distant drones distract from the centerfold

Smothered earth beaten brown by paths of decay-
The shades of life are silent witnesses to a world gone mad.

Show your sharp teeth:
A crooked smile glimmers in the hunt for prey
Jagged saws of a weapon for the conquering.
They are trophies of battle and age.
They are life takers and soul scorners.
Show your blood, wounds trapped in a mortal cage of flesh.
They are signals of a clock unwinding.

"Spare me my life" - they are words gone unheard by the fearless scales.
Fangs sink in the sea of cells, residue red coagulates.

Colors of me abstract and splattered on walls, I fade into the nameless ranks
As a thirst for blood grows inside. This venom takes hold.
All morality is devoured alive.

Poached and coursing through the puppet veins;
Bleeding wounds quench the thirst of the dirt.

You will fall alone, brackish to the cycles,
To feed, I must kill.
To survive someone must die.
Track Name: Fish Frenzy
Ankle deep in the ashes of genesis, we came upon it.
Choirs despair; voices rife with terror-
Tremor about us that home is but a distant rock among the stars.

Confronted by an artifact of god in desolate open space,
It’s what we don’t know that scares us the most,
Offers us existential insignificance.

What import bear we, pretenders of divine instruction?
This planet is swallowed in an endless spatial vortex,
while we preach of being chosen and created.

Star Child, we're trying to breathe, trying to reach you.

This mission is too important
To allow ourselves to jeopardize. It's time to evolve!
Confronted by an artifact of god.
Submerged in oceans of divine nihilism. Trying to breathe.

Star Child, we’re trying to breathe, trying to reach you.
We are searching for reasons that we don't know exist
By asking empty questions.
Track Name: Sterile Earth
Ancient scrolls of man dictate subservience.
To fail in playing God is to succeed in being dead.
Buildings devoured by time pockmark an earth held hostage.

The harborer of life is now a dark chasm, where nothing grows.

And we failed to recognize freedom as an illusion,
Served on a silver platter labeled choice.
Choose to purchase an education, transportation, habitation.
Choose to wonder who the fuck you really are when the clock hits 5:01

Now you choose a scenic burial plot, and a mournful epitaph.

We are champions of self-destruction.
We choose to render the earth sterile.

Whispers of sanity are cyclones hurling hostility.
A narrow margin of escape, reasoning with evil.

Insidious, creeping fear,
Stagnant, brooding monstrosities.
In the depths of this mental cage

The paradox unfolds: our most fatal
Fears are found free inside the mind.
The hell that awaits sleeps behind our eyes.
Track Name: Godless
God may be dead but he still rules the world.
The crown is a faded star,
Thorns adorned the forehead of fallacy
And still he bleeds from afar.
Now proclaim your faith
The tomb is empty and so is your heart.

The archetype survives while the author dies,
Manuscript upon manuscript of ancient lies.

This is all that is true: the holy ghost forever lost in purgatory.

The books of Christ burning on the flames of redemption and progression...
I refuse to live in a world where faith overrides reason,
Where lives are taken in blatant superstition.

How can you be so fucking weak and blind?
In death there is no forward;

A return to the natural cycles that govern our now:
Complete freedom of god, complete freedom of being.
Track Name: Industrevil (Hey Buddy)
Gears are grand majesty.
Gray monarch rules the green throne.
Insatiable thirst commands labor's chalice.

Wear the slaves cuffs
But keep the crown, deny the truth,
This prison is your classroom

And fear is the fuel.
Combustion feeds on its burning flesh.
Row the oars or the whip lashes.
(Devices of an ancient ruling class)
Slave master of the spoiled seas.

Spit oozes from the glutton tongue as
Voracity drives the servant chain.
Enslavement imposed shadowed in waste.

Human objectivity is dead!

Leashed to the bastard heart.
Palpitating venomous snares.
Scepter bathed in the putrid gold.
Free will undermined by the chosen few.

Consciousness dominated
Stale and living in filth.
Repressed into apathy and
Mimicry of machines.
Track Name: Lucidity IV - Cyclopean Imagery
I stand in a vast expansion of space
Searching for what could be an edge to this place.

I'm surrounded by an abstract blue;
No floor beneath, not even the sky.

A foreign presence slips through defenses
Of the outer limits of my mind.

Sensing intrusion, a flash of pain dulls all senses.
Forced calibration among brain waves.

I embrace the victim of this fascist malice,
That can only represent myself.

What is this entangled form of awareness?
The duality is a result of uncertainty.
This cyclopes eye resides at the center of it all.
Torn of my ego, a transmission projects alien voices:

“The dreams are reality. Tune yourself to the morphic resonance of symmetry.”

Collapse the waves to particles as the stars are imploding.
Supernovae; a conduit closing in the minds of stars.
I'm looking through a keyhole, (one eye focused, both eyes closed)
To where existence and nonexistence wage war.

The complex and simple merge into dynamic harmonics,
Caught in a state of flow, shrouded by the instance in time.

Cymatic arrangements coalesce
increasing complexity as they mutate.

These desert sands are cosmic grains
cased in an infinite hourglass.
Retreat to the point of timelessness where
Shockwaves oscillate disfigured masses
In isolation yet interconnected, acting as one.

I have realized the void,
Mechanized with an absence of purpose.
Destined to become a scapegoat for what was once
A magnificent form of being.